Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vegan Lasagna

Soooooo...What do you do with that Giant Tub of Rinotta that you made at the beginning of the week? You can do just about anything with it. I personally just like to eat it on some whole grain Vegan Bread, but if you'd like to get interesting with it here ya go...
This was Amy's Creation from Wednesday night & it is out of this World

Preheat Oven to 375 degrees.
1 box Rice Lasagna Noodles (make sure they are vegan)
2 parts Rinotta.(see recipe on blog)
1 jar Tomato Sauce (Of course, All Tomato Sauce "should be Vegan")
1- 1 1/2 cups fresh sliced mushrooms
1- 1 1/2 cups artichoke hearts- chopped
1 package Daiya Vegan "mozzarella cheese" shreads ( We all Know it ain't really cheese)

In a 9 by 13 inch cake rectangular pan, dump 1/2 of a jar of Tomato Sauce.
Then lay down 1 layer of lasagna noodles.
spread 1 part Rinotta on the noodles.
Sprinkle mushrooms on top of rinotta.
Add 1 layer of noodles.
Spread 1 layer of Rinotta.
Sprinkle Artichokes.
Add 1 layer of Noodles.
Spread Remaining Tonmato Sauce over Noodles.
Make Sure noodles are completely covered with Sauce.
Sprinkle "Mozzarella" Shreads over the Tomato sauce.

Cover with Foil.
Bake Covered for 45 minutes.
Remove Foil.
Bake another 15 minutes uncovered or until desired doneness.

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  1. 1 more tip. We used rice flour instead of wheat flour in making the Rinotta, in order to keep this truly gluten free